The advantages of joining TONA

  • Design style leading

    TONA is inspired from four elements of water, forest, mountain and metal, developed by the German R&D Center, and designed by Italy design team which combines the pure and tough style of the German brand and also has the exquisite and delicate Italy style. We advocate exquisite global minimalist life style, integrate the preciseness and nature perfectly, and create the perfect harmony space which meets all demands for the pursuit of the natural pure life style and the pursuit of the quality of life.

  • The quality of the product is excellent

    TONA production adopts German-based production equipment, adopts all advanced mechanical equipment of Germany, selects high-quality materials, uses France SAGE, ERP and OA office automation system to cooperate with enterprise, and owns independent laboratory and research and development center. The enterprise has passed ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health Safety Management System, BSCI System Certification and FSC Forest Certification. The products are also passed the inspection and certification by third party authority, such as CE, CUPC, RoHS etc.

  • Operational standardization

    TONA is responsible for each distributor. TONA will make full market research analysis before opening the shop, one-to-one storefront design and product display guidance, provide perfect assistant training for shop manager and staff professional necessary knowledge who will, quickly own professional, advanced retail and service management experience in a short time. The company's headquarter will regularly formulate the training course for different posts, such as the terminal store manager, shopping guide, installation and after-sales, etc. so as to escort the terminal sales

Conditions for joining TONA

  • 1

    Have a certain business background, be familiar with local market, have certain industry customer resources and interpersonal connections.

  • 2

    Have a strong desire for success, be willing to help the team grow and be willing to shoulder more social responsibility.

  • 3

    Recognize and trust TONA, eager to join the TONA family and reach a consensus on the concept of management and development.

  • 4

    The store requires a special shop area with more than 100 square meters and a special area with more than 50 square meters. The company unifies the design of the storefront and carries out the company SI standard.

Process for joining TONA