Brand Story

Water——Clean, pure, return to natural conscience

Forests——Nature, Harmony, Define orderly Life

Mountain——Stable, Precise, the quality can not be shaken.

Metal——Industry, Machinery, Stick to precision


Tona is embodied by natural elements, combine rigor and nature.


Our decade-long record as a German manufacturer of bathroom furniture has taught us how to excel in precision and purity.

With Tona, we applied our passion for quality to the sophisticated minimalism of today’s global lifestyle, to create impeccable and peaceful grooming spaces that perfectly blend rigor and nature.


Product Concept

Less is more

--Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe

(A German modern architect, who continuously practiced simplicity in design, he carried the ideals of rationalism and minimalism to new levels)

Since its creation, the TONA brand is committed to spreading the advanced German bathroom culture, is inherited to the concept of modern minimalist bathroom furniture, adopts environment-friendly materials, applies high-end equipment, and continuously innovates with the spirit of German artisans.

TONA bathroom home products created by an international design team, with the design style of “Nature, Simplicity, Fashion”. The products contain “Decoration, Function, Art”, are equipped with an intelligent touch control system and create modern minimalist bathroom by a novel lightweight material.

Company Culture

TONA's vision is to be the world's first-class bathroom brand manufacturer.

TONA believes the mission that permanently provides and create a healthy, environmental-friendly bathroom product for mankind.

And always adhere to the Business philosophy of “Good faith, Brave to take on burden, Efficiency, Share”.

Commitment to creating exclusive brand symbols: Bathroom Furniture is TONA

The logo of the enterprise is inspired by European daisies with fresh, exquisite and exuberant which embodies the vitality of brand.

TONAs fulfill:
Passion work, happy lifeSharing is the best study, sharing is the best growthBecause trust, so simpleLet the result be related to me

Sharing——sharing is the best learning and sharing is the best growth

Learning the crystallization of wisdom in sharing

Grow rapidly in sharing

Happy ——Passion work, Happy life

120% passion for work
Enjoy the beauty in life as well.
Let work and life promote each other

Results——Let the result be related to me

Work together, everyone involves.

Be responsible for each result

Trust——Trusts make it simple

Trust eliminates all scruples

Let's everything be simple in TONA.

Company profiles


TONA BATH began as Germany bathroom furniture manufacturer, after nearly20 years of development, gradually growing into the global bathroom furniture brand merchants. The main products are bathroom cabinets, wash basins, bathroom mirrors, bathtubs, intelligent closestools, faucets, shower heads and other series of bathroom furnishings.

TONA BATH R & D center is located in Munich, the largest city in southern Germany.

Rooted in the German production background, adhering to the European design, we are performing the precision and purity. 

TONA BATH Asia Pacific marketing center is located in the Shanghai Hongqiao World Center(HWC), is located at the core of Hongqiao transportation hub.

TONA production adopts advanced mechanical equipment of Germany, selects high-quality materials, uses France SAGE, ERP and OA office automation system to cooperate with enterprise and owns independent laboratory and research and development

The TONA Sanitary Ware has passed ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System, ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health Safety Management System, BSCI System Certification and FSC Forest Certification, and the products are passed inspection and certification by other third-party authoritative organizations such as CE, CUPC, RoHS ,etc..

Today, TONA sanitary ware integrates the global essence to become one. TONA becomes the synonym of “Originating from the Design and skilled in Craftsmanship”. The bathroom furniture products are sold to thousands of families in the global, with TONA’s splendidness. TONA has established a high standard, high-grade, high-quality brand image in the world.


Social responsibility

The sense of mission

Continuously innovate, develop and use new materials, protect the environment and users safely as our responsiblity.

The traditional ceramic materials are abandoned and new materials such as artificial stone and acrylic are used to better realize the product function and the exquisite touch feel of products greatly reduce the pollution to the social environment.

The traditional solid wood is abandoned. The environmental protection level is applied to the innovation plate of the E1 grade of the European Union and the environment-friendly and beautiful and practical technology transformation is realized.

The enterprise will cover the environmental safety insurance for the TONA users and the environmental quality of any product will be paid twenty thousand yuan by the insurance company.