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Company Profile

TONA, founded in 2002 is a professional manufacturer of bathroom cabinet factory.
The company is located in Taizhou City Zhejiang Province China.
TONA currently owns factory plant of 35,000 square meters,
and employs over 360 people. TONA mainly exports to Europe, North America and
Australia. Its export turnover exceeds 20 million USD.

TONA focuses on the production of bathroom furniture including cabinets, basins
and mirror cabinets. Its products in accordance with the surface material are
classified in melamine, painting, veneer and thermal foil.
TONA has its own laboratories for hardware accessories for 48 hours salt spray
test; tracks, hinges and other consumable parts life of wear testing;
plate surface abrasion testing and E1 standard testing. Paint products used
are certified through the EU REACH Regulation, to meet customer quality
requirements. Meanwhile TONA has obtained a lot of certificates,
such as ISO18001, FSC®, BSCI, CUPC, CE.

TONA as an industry leader, the company has a number of product patents
and design innovation awards. It has been awarded the integrity unit, and is one
of the hi-tech enterprises in the region. Despite the focus on innovation
and bathroom solutions, TONA is highly regarded of its exceptional customer services.

TONA accepts overseas customers' order of OEM, ODM and other forms
of cooperation. TONA cooperates in the protection of customers' markets and products
to achieve ultra mutual benefits.

TONA warmly welcomes your visit!

Rongyan Shen

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